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Hosting provider for OpenEMR

There are a lot of options for hosting OpenEMR available to a medical practice. You can buy a computer, place it in your office, install OpenEMR on it, and use it internally. You can get a generic webhost, and try to install OpenEMR there. In fact, we'll even help you with your OpenEMR installation process. But, it's our opinion that the best way to host OpenEMR is with our easy, secure online hosting service. We offer OpenEMR under a "software as a service" model, meaning that we handle the installation, hosting, and make sure that your OpenEMR site is always available to you whether you're in your office or on the road.

To start using our hosted OpenEMR solution, signup now or contact our sales team. We can make sure that OpenEMR is the right choice for you and have you using it immediately.