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EMR Practice Management

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We offer the easiest and quickest way for you to get an EMR system set up for your medical practice. You can signup instantly, configure the system to match your procedures, and be ready to enter information about patient encounters before you know it.

Whether you'd rather configure your EMR system to suit your practice, or would like for us to handle configuration and customization, you can get started today.


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Electronic Medical Records & Practice Management Software

Electronic medical records (EMR) are computerized patient medical records used by doctors to record patient medical history and information. Although paper medical records are used by many hospitals and physicians, electronic medical records are gaining in popularity and use. More doctors are changing to electronic health records (EHR) because they can help reduce costs and increase the convenience of editing, storing, and retrieving medical records electronically.

How Can Electronic Medical Records Reduce Costs?

Many doctors are required to store historical medical records of patients for many years. The actual physical space needed to store these records on site can be substantial. The personnel costs to manage a growing paper based medical records system can be substantial. Electronic medical records can be a significant improvement for physicians looking for a better way to streamline workflow and reduce overhead costs.

The Convenience of EMR

Often times medical records are needed in different locations. The convenience of having available access to medical records electronically from multiple locations at one time can provide a significant convenience to medical practice staff. Studies have shown that EMR software can significantly increase efficiency. The speed and efficiency of electronic health records has been supported by many organizations including insurance companies. With the aging baby boomers approaching retirement age, the US federal government has sought ways to improve record keeping and increase the efficiency of managing the health care industry.

US Government EHR Mandate and Incentives

As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the US Congress approved an incentive plan of up to $44,000 for each physician under Medicare or up to $65,000 over 6 years, under Medicaid. The US government will assess penalties to doctors who do not adopt an approved EMR system by the year 2015.

EMR Can Improve the Quality and Accuracy of Information

The joke that doctors have bad handwriting may not be funny when it comes to your health. Electronic patient forms and records can help to reduce the risk of illegible handwritten notes on paper based medical records. Standardized forms can help prevent missing information. Computers can check for missing information and issue prompt if missing information is recognized.

EMR software systems offer many benefits over traditional paper based medical records. It can also offer convenience and safety of interoperability between different EMR medical records systems. By using electronic medical records, patients and doctors can both benefit from a standardized computer system that manages patient records and information.

Contact Us and Learn More

We can help get you prepared for the new EHR changes to healthcare. We provide a suite of practice management tools and powerful EMR software, so your medical practice can gain from an electronic medical records system. We provide you with complete implementation, training and ongoing support for your staff using our USA based technical support team. Our EMR software is easy to use and has been trusted by thousands of doctors.

Contact us now. We can help you get started, and answer any questions you may have about a new electronic health records system.