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EMR Medical Billing and Coding Software

Since the medical billing features needed by medical practices vary greatly, our EMR solution contains versatile set of billing features. Whether your practice or groups of practices need to bill primarily to Medicaid and medicate, or a commercial billing processor, ElectronicMedicalRecords.com can help you manage your billing process.

Our clients have found that by efficiently managing their billing cycle, they can increase their payment rates and decrease the turnaround times. ElectronicMedicalRecords.com provides the tools that your practice needs to ensure that your medical billing process is run well. Our service can help you submit claims to the various payers, report on unpaid claims, manage insurance tracer letters, automatically send and receive explanations of benefits, and all of the other tasks associated with managing a well-run medical billing process.

If you have more questions about the medical billing features available, please contact our sales team.