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Consulting Services for OpenEMR Users

Using an open source product like OpenEMR means that you're often left on your own to extend the product to provide the features you need or to integrate with your existing tools and processes. It's great that the product can be extended this way, but now you're left actually having to do the work. Our experienced engineering staff can help you extend and integrate OpenEMR in order to meet the business needs of your clinic or practice.

Some common needs that OpenEMR users and partners express are:

  • Adding features to OpenEMR
  • Integrating OpenEMR with other systems in order to exchange data
  • Importing data into or exporting data out of OpenEMR
  • Migrating a medical practice to OpenEMR from another practice management system

We can help your practice with any or all of these problems. As a privileged developer and contributor to the OpenEMR project, Andrew Moore would be happy to help discuss your technical requirements.